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Les Incorrigibles met Erika Nova while working on a project together in New York City last year. Erika is a model, singer and an actress. Here is our exclusive interview with this very talented woman!

Can you tell us a bit more about you and where you live?

My name is Erika Nova and I’m a model in New York City. I started my modeling career in Miami which is where I was born, but moved to NYC about 4 years ago to pursue it further.

Favorite place to shop and designer

I love shopping at small boutiques and places where they have one-of-a-kind items that you won’t see anywhere else. But then again, I also love the big department stores where you can get some of the best brands for way less than what they normally sell for. My favorite designer is Betsey Johnson – I own so much of her jewelry and my current winter coat is hers also! Her pieces are so fun and truly are statement pieces.

What are the 3 projects you’ve been the most exited to do?

I did a L’Oreal hair show once which was really cool! We each had a hair designer which basically designed an entire wig for each of the models. What was cool about my group was that we actually had dance choreography. I had no experience in dance, but after 2 days of rehearsals with a choreographer, we were pros! I also got to work as a model for Men in Black 3 and one of Beyonce’s videos. So, meeting Will Smith and Beyonce was a really cool experience!W

What would be your dream project?

Right now, I’m really into lingerie and swimwear so my dream would be to model for Victoria’s Secret, Guess, Agent Provocateur, Sports Illustrated and Maxim. 5) best beauty / fashion advice you’ve ever been given? Always moisturize and be clean shaven!

What would you say to someone seeking for advice to become a model?

You must be consistent with your work. There will be days where you’ll have a lot of work and days that you won’t but no matter what, be consistent and persistent. On the days that you’re not working, go out and find work, find photographers to shoot with, editorials to be a part of. There’s always something to do. Just keep taking actions.

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