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Hello! and HAPPY NEW YEAR, since this is our first article of the year 2016! We hope you had a good time during the holidays and we are really happy to welcome you on Les Incorrigibles for the second year! Now, let’s move on to today’s article!

For a really long time, my friends told me about Kiehl’s products and how amazing they supposedly are. I’m not a cosmetic person, so even in NYC, during my internship, when someone offered me a big box with Kiehl’s products, I didn’t use it and ended up giving aways all their products. Do I regret it now? YES.

In fact, during the holidays I decided to give it a try. My skin was really dry and I knew that during my 9-hour flight to the caribbean it would only get worse. So I went to Kiehl’s Rue de Sèvres in Paris. I instantly loved the atmosphere in the shop as it is really « New York City » and it brought back a lot of memories.

They asked me what I was looking for, and I told them I didn’t know much about the kind of skin I have and what products would be the best for my skin condition. Very quickly they did a little « experiment » on my skin face to tell me which products would be the best for me. I ended up buying their famous  » Ultra Facial Cream« .

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I have been using the cream for about 2 weeks now. And I have to say that I am now completely addicted to it now. It made my skin so smooth from day 1 (yeah, this is quite impressive!). It doesn’t really smell anything, so it’s perfect when you want to go to bed. It’s quite expensive when you think of it, but you only use just a little of it when you apply it on your face, so you keep it for a long time. It’s totally worth it and I would recommend it a million times!

After this big success I decided to go back to their shop after my trip to the caribbean. My lips were really crackled because of the sun and the long flight. I have now been using their Eucalyptus Lip Relief, which is part of their « travel-tested solutions« products. It’s a product that you are supposed to apply during your flight and also after. And again: it works so well.

I also got 2 other products: their body cream (the only product I kept from my box in NYC), I’m really satisfied with this product and I’m sure that I’ll probably buy it again. And I’ve also been using their « Superbly Efficient Anti-perspirant & Deodorant cream« . It smells AMAZING and again, it works perfectly!

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