Laurène from Les Incorrigibles answering to Robin’s questions


Robin from pretty-andchic asked Mélanie and I to answer a few questions! I’ll be doing it first and Mélanie will be next! Thank you for your questions girl!

Did making your blog have anything to do with your future or career, or was it just for leisure?

Mélanie and I have created Les Incorrigibles a year ago. At that time, I still wanted to work in the luxury and fashion industry, so yeah it had something to do with my future career, but not anymore. In fact, I don’t want to work in this industry anymore. I see this blog more like a hobby now 🙂

Is there anything you want fromm your blog in particular? Certain expectations?

I wish people interacted more on our articles. I would love people to express their opinion, because I think it’s always really interesting to know what people think about your articles and also to read about different point of views.

What’s your go to isle in the supermarket?

Probably the meat/cheese section 😛

If you could have a private jet, where would be your most frequent destination?

The USA. California and New York for sure. I lived there so it feels like home. I have many friends over there. I miss them and the life I used to have… But to be honest, I think I would always go to a different country. Traveling and discovering new countries and cultures is my favorite thing in the world.

If anyone could notice you in the blogging world who would it be?

Kristina Bazan I guess… Even though I’m not a big fan of hers. But yeah, she’s huge in this « business »so that would be cool!

What do you hate most right at this moment?

People who are unable to figure out what they want.

Favorite book and song ever?

That’s really tough… I really loved the book « Still Alice » a few years ago. It’s a beautiful and devastating story… As for my favorite song … I’d say Adele’s songs haha. Her voice is just sooooo amazing.

What is something you always find attractive in a person?

Someone being protective over me!

Your worse character trait?

Susceptible. I’m working on it though!

Do you think you could ever only have a blog and not another job on the side?

If it worked as well as KAYTURE for example, I think I would dedicate my « life » to it. I would have so much fun and I would love to work on bigger projects + travel as much as she does.

Would you rather have a big circle of friend or a few that are very close to you?

A few very close to you 🙂

xx Laurène

Check out Mélanie’s answers! 

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