After Laurène, it’s now Mélanie’s turn to answer to Robin’s questions

Did making your blog have anything to do with your future or career, or was it just for leisure?

As Laurène said, we created Les Incorrigibles as a « hobby ». We wanted to know more about the luxury and fashion industry. We are both curious and like to discover new concepts/ new trends, so we thought that a blog could allow us to express ourselves and open new doors.

Is there anything you want from your blog in particular? Certain expectations?

Our objective is to “share and learn” our passion with our lectors. We speak only about things that we genuinely like and that we would like our lectors to discover. We also want people to feel the devotion and the passion of the people that we meet!

What’s your go to isle in the supermarket?

I like the soap and candle section, I could spend an entire day in this section, smelling the different perfumes; it can take you to any place in any time.

If you could have a private jet, where would be your most frequent destination?

I miss the sun; so I would love to go with my friends to any exotic destination. Bali would be awesome. What do you think Laurene?
Laurène: I say, let’s book a flight ASAP 😉

If anyone could notice you in the blogging world who would it be?

I am half French/Spanish and I really appreciate the Spanish blogger Gala Gonzalez from Amlul Blog. She is a successful example of a business women !

What is something you always find attractive in a person?

Definitely the eyes! It is said that the eyes are the mirrors of the soul.

Your worse character trait?

I can be emotive and sometime stubborn, but these two character traits also define who I am and make me achieve my goals!

Do you think you could ever only have a blog and not another job on the side?

I really like to work in the marketing. So for now, I could never stop my job and dedicate my entire time to the blog. I don’t think it would feel right for me. But the blog and my work are complementary, as I want to work in the luxury industry!

Would you rather have a big circle of friend or a few that are very close to you?

A few who are very close to me! They know all my secrets, hopes and dreams, I’m not sure I could have the same relationship with a large group of friends!


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