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This is not a sponsored article.

Les Incorrigibles have been traveling  a lot recently, as you may already know if you are following us on Instagram (Laurène / Mélanie/ Les incorrigibles). Our skin seems to always become really dry, and bad when we travel. But recently we have found some « life changing » products. And we have decided to share our secret with you! here are a few of our favorite items!

  • The NEW Cilantro & Orange extract pollutant defending mask. It’s perfect and really efficient, especially if your are going to cities like Tokyo, Los Angeles, New York, Beijing, Paris … Where it’s really polluted. 18 euros from KiehlsKiehls is our favorite skincare brand right now, you can read our article about our favorite products from them!
  • The Burt’s Bee lip balm. These will always be our favorites. We have been using it since 2014 and it’s perfect! We love the scent, we love the texture on the lips and how fast you see the results! If you’re from the US, you obviously know where to find this. If you’re from France, you can now find it en Pharmacies et Parapharmacies! Website

  • 10m jars. These are a must-have. In fact, if you are traveling by plane, your skin is going to get really dry and you can get spots from it. This is why it is really important to brink moisturisers creams on plane with it. Just pick your favorite one and put it in a 10m little jar. It can be found at Sephora!
  • L’occitane hand cream. The skin of your hands may also get really dry during the flight, but also if you’re going to a sunny country or a cold one. You always need a good hand cream in your purse! Our favorite one is from L’Occitane. The Beurre de Karité one. 21 euro
  • CHANEL mascara Inimitable intense. While we don’t recommend to wear make up while travelling, it’s always good to have some mascara with you. We pick the CHANEL Inimitable Intense mascara, as it looks really natural on lashes. It looks like you don’t have any make up on, but it still does the job! 32 euros at CHANEL
  • Some hand sanitizer gel. This is also a must have. You should have it in your bag at all times! You can find these cute little ones at Bath and Body Works and now at Sephora!


We hope you enjoyed this article. Next week we’ll feature another article with Model Olivia Herdt (Cara Delevingne’s lookalike!). You can read her past interview with us here

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