Detox by Kusmi Tea – Review

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After telling you about our favorite products while On the Go, we’re now telling you about our experience with Kusmi Tea!

You’ve probably seen it everywhere on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter for the past few years… And now it’s our turn! Yes, we have finally tried Kusmi Tea’s « Detox » tea!  Why only now? Well, to be honest with you, we’ve always thought that this brand was just about marketing …

So, what is our final decision? 

We’ve been drinking this tea for a couple of days now. It tastes really good as it’s made of lemon and Mate. You’re supposed to put it in boiling water 85 (degrees), and then to wait between 2 and 3 minutes to let it infuse. However, while it tastes amazing, the effects on our body/skin seem to be the same as with any other regular Green/Lemon tea… So, we’ll probably keep buying it for the tastes, not the « detox »!

Visit Kusmi Tea here

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