Weekend, finally! If you don’t have any plans yet, after telling you about our favorite restaurants for Valentine’s day, we’re here to tell you about MERCI, in Paris!

It’s finally getting sunnier and warmer in Paris. Les Incorrigibles love chilling in Le Marais. For lunch, a dinner en terrace , to get some fresh juice, a Falafel … You can find the cutest little cafes here. A bit like in SoHo, NYC. As you may already know, Le Marais is also THE place to shop in Paris. There are many designers you haven’t seen anywhere else, future trends, the most stylish people running from a store to another. And it feels like you’re on vacation, not in a big city like Paris.

One of our favorite places to get lunch is inside the store « MERCI »: la Cantine du potager. It really does feel like they got all the ingredients from the garden right by the store. Everything is fresh, healthy and delicious. A special mention for their chocolate cake, which is the best we’ve ever had in years! It gets crowded on weekends so make sure to make reservation before you go.

But Merci is not just about the La Cantine du Potager. It’s also a household/fashion store. From jewelry, to sofas to bags to forks, everything you need it at Merci!

PS: if you’re in a hurry, you can grab coffee in their « library » section. Which is set into an adorable café!

Check out their website here

Stay tuned for more articles about Le Marais – Paris!

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