Our Kiehl’s favorite products


Hello! and HAPPY NEW YEAR, since this is our first article of the year 2016! We hope you had a good time during the holidays and we are really happy to welcome you on Les Incorrigibles for the second year! Now, let’s move on to today’s article!

For a really long time, my friends told me about Kiehl’s products and how amazing they supposedly are. I’m not a cosmetic person, so even in NYC, during my internship, when someone offered me a big box with Kiehl’s products, I didn’t use it and ended up giving aways all their products. Do I regret it now? YES.

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Après plusieurs mois d’utilisation: voici le verdict des Incorrigibles sur les baumes à lèvres eos !

C’est chez nos amis les Américains, que nous avons découvert ces petites boules EOS. Best-seller aux USA, nous comprenons désormais pourquoi! En effet, sa forme épouse parfaitement la forme de nos lèvres pour une application optimal. Avec des ingrédients très naturels, le résultat est parfait ! Bonus: sa forme ovale nous permet de le retrouver beaucoup plus facilement dans notre sac. Terminé les baumes à lèvres perdus!

En vente aux USA ou sur Amazon ou cometeshop.com !

Les Incorrigibles have become addicted to the EOS Lip Balms. The shape is perfect to apply on the lips and the results are amazing. The best part is also that it’s 95% organic, 100% natural, and you can’t loose it in your bag!! #musthave